Game Log, October 27

Game Day 11 through morning of Day 12
Absent: Jason, Justin M, KC

The party returned upstairs after briefly scoping out the big cavern. There they found an elf named Ashley, who had heard that there was adventure to be had out here. They then rested overnight and re-equipped to go down into the lower level; Annawen stayed upstairs to continue examining the pools, with Murgle as her guard. Khadmore disappeared, leaving a note that he’d gone back to town to oversee the building of his section of the wall.

Before they could get into the lower level, they had to get past another squadron of goblins who had taken up a position at the bottom of the stairs. There was a fierce battle, but the party prevailed.

First the monk Tetsumaru examined the doors that Khadmore had attempted to open earlier. He could not open them either. So the party continued into the large cavern, squeezing through the narrower of the two entrances. They found a pair of large doors in the same style as the others, but these were unlocked.

They went inside, finding a large room full of columns, with a dais on one side, a balcony on another, and a series of doors on the last. When Oswald stepped into the open area in front of the balcony to get a closer look at the portcullis below, it awakened the gargoyles who guarded that area. He took several great wounds before the party could escape.

As they left, Ashley was overcome with curiosity about the row of doors and opened the one closest to the main entrance to the room. Skeletons came out to attack, but she was able to get away after Tihburron turned them.

After searching the cavern more, and seeing only a group of piercers up in a corner, they decided to go back in. The gargoyles had returned to their perches, and so they began opening the crypts to fight the skeletons. As they dispatched the undead, they found piles of copper and silver coins, of an ancient make unfamiliar to any in the party, and with a mark resembling the flaming eye. But they were unable to proceed at their own pace: first the remaining doors flung open, and skeletons swarmed about them; then the gargoyles re-awakened and attacked as well. The party fled again, with hopes of returning with weapons that would have a chance against the gargoyles.

Before they returned to the upper level, they searched the cavern again, and (who?) spotted a glint of metal in the alcove beneath the piercers. Tihburron decided to provoke them into falling, to make them easier to attack, so that they could check out what might be in that area. But they were watching for him, and three who were clustered together fell right on him, one splitting right through his chest. And so it was that the dwarf Tihburron, who had been with the party from the very beginning, fell in the great cavern of the bats in the old stronghold of Quasqueton.

Game log, October 13

Game Day 10, late evening & Game Day 11, morning
Justin M absent, Murgle left out of play

The party found a letter in the vest pocket of the hobgoblin chieftain: Addressed to Argob from Lareth, it tells Argob to come to the big stone in the Spiderwood on the first day after the full moon to pick up the cargo from Orlane.

They found an alcove with an enormous mica crystal; around the alcove were crude markings made by the hobgoblins or goblins, with a hide hanging behind it painted with the flaming eye. They pulled it aside and found a door carved with horrible faces; Khadmore attempted to open it, but just hurt himself on the pin trap. Then he found another door, a plain stone door, which he was able to open, beyond it he found a narrow crack into a much larger cave and another door with faces. He could disarm the trap on that one but was unable to unlock it. [is this in the right sequence? I can’t remember if this comes before or after the fight with the goblins & owlbear!]

After some discussion, they worked out getting the chest of coins upstairs, then rested for the night. In the morning, Murgle and Joan stayed upstairs, while the rest went back down to the lower level.

Down there they heard some noise, Khadmore, Annawen & Meliman snuck up and found two dozen goblins with an owlbear that they had captured and were planning on setting on the party. Instead, Annawen set about putting the goblins to sleep so the owlbear could break free. It killed several goblins before running away. It was captured in a net trap in a nearby tunnel, and the party freed it, after which it ran into the woods.

Since they couldn’t figure out any other ways out of this area, the party returned to the landing at the bottom of the stairs and went the other direction, into a cold damp tunnel. After a long walk, they found a room that appeared to be the inside of a geode. In the center of the room was a fountain with a pillar in the center, with a stone box on top of the pillar. Khadmore sensed something odd about the water. Meliman approached, and was attacked by a water weird, which dragged him into the fountain to drown him. He tried to attack, but could hardly damage it, nor could Annawen’s magic missle. She figured out that it could be damaged by purifying water; while Tihburron cast that spell, Annawen had her unseen servant get the stone box. A second water weird rose out of the water and attempted to grab Meliman. He got away, and Tihburron chose not to destroy that one.

They then had to cross a deep part of an underground river. As Tihburron crossed, he was grabbed by a sticky filament from a cave fisher; Oswald was grabbed as well. The party faced off with three of the monsters. Annawen was able to put the unseen servant between them and her, and it grabbed that magical entity instead of the mage. They took out the cave fishers, then went to the end of the tunnel, which sloped upwards, became drier, and narrowed to a opening into a very large cave. Daylight shone through cracks high in the ceiling, and they saw bats hanging and sleeping, and the floor covered in guano.

Game log, October 6

Game day 10, afternoon into evening
KC & Acey absent; Tetsumaru left out of play, Khadmore played by the party
New player: Justin M.

The party sent Khadmore and Tetsumaru to the room with the smoking hole to pour a barrel of water down it, while the rest of the party waited at the top of the stairs down to the lower level. They heard a good bit of noise, but nothing came up the stairs. So they lowered Meliman down the hole, and he saw that it was a largish cave inhabited by bugbears and goblins.

Around the same time, a curious dwarf fighter named Murgle arrived, interested in seeking adventure.

So, leaving Tetsumaru to watch the stairs, they went down with their new compatriot to see what they could find. They found a room full of mining equipment, with a crack showing a distant dark room full of columns. As they went further down, first they encountered — and killed — a pair of spiders. At the same time, Khadmore examined a nearby door, which was barred from the outside. Annawen went to find a crowbar, but Oswald pulled the door open…to find a trio of zombie lurching out. One was able to scratch Margle with his long sharp claws, but all three quickly went down to the swords, arrows, and axes of the party. In that room they found two small statuettes, locked behind an iron grate.

They figured out which tunnel went to the cave Meliman had seen earlier, and the elf scouted ahead to get a better look. He returned, and the party debated what to do. As they argued over tactics, Murgle noticed the sound of little goblin feet, and the party soon found themselves fighting a squadron of scouts. They killed five, and captured the sixth, releasing him to tell his gang that they were coming. Annawen & Meliman then went to the opening near the cave and taunted the monsters, who just mocked them back and fired crossbow bolts.

The party decided there really was no time like the present, and went to take on the whole group. When the goblins realized their bows and arrows weren’t very effective against the adventurers, they fled, especially after the bugbear leader was taken out. The other bugbears tried to leave, but were caught in battle and were defeated. The adventurers ended up with a chest full of copper and silver, and a magic amulet.

Before the events of Saturday’s game

This is (more or less) what I read out loud before the start of the game on Sept 15:

After determining that the door in the center of the wall was actually a false door, the characters continued to wander around the back of the stronghold. They discovered four notable areas:

Area 12: the library. Most of the books and scrolls are normal. However, the party has discovered two magical scrolls: cure light wounds (x2), and sleep, as well as a magical ancient leatherbound book, held closed with a lock.

Area 14: looks like a small closet or storeroom, but with a pile of small stones in one corner. These stones appear to be magical, although no one has not yet determined their properties.

Area 15/16: these two rooms teleport to each other. It’s really annoying.

Area 17-19: these rooms are the former workrooms of the stronghold’s smith. This area is hazy with smoke that smells vaguely like a campfire. The smoke comes from a hole in the floor of room 19. It is narrow, 5′ wide or less, and very deep: you can’t see the source of the smoke. You have also found a magical (+1) mace in room 18 amongst a pile of otherwise normal weapons.

You have also figured out that there’s some sort of hidden area near the center of the complex, and as we begin tonight’s adventure, you are gathered around it, looking intently for the secret door. Khadmore then discovers that if he holds the magic wand (found earlier) over the walls of this area, he can see a door.

Game log, Sept 15

Game Day 10, afternoon
Absent: KC, Acey, Jay. Adderan is still assumed to have wandered off. Khadmore & Tetsumaru were played by the party.

The characters, having explored the entirety of the first level (some descriptions to be added later), figured out that there was an area where there ought to be some rooms. So they examined it carefully, and Khadmore discovered that the magic wand they found in Zelligar’s rooms made the secret doors appear. They found two rooms through this door: the first was mostly empty, with a cupboard along one wall full of jars, including a large car with a black housecat suspended in a clear liquid. A wooden door in the room was covered with magical writing, it was also magically locked. Khadmore noticed a slime along the bottom edge of the door, and Meliaman figured out that it was an ochre jelly. The party worked out a plan to pull the door off its hinges with a rope, then attacked: Oswald, Khadmore, and Tihburron went in with flasks of oil, which they threw at the jelly as it came into the room. It did burn all of them with acid before being consumed by flames.

Then the party took a break while the door finished burning down. They found a new character out in the hallway, a female elven magic-user named Annawen (played by Jason), who joined them as they went back to the pool room. They drank some wine and explored the pools some more before returning to the hidden room.

In the second room, they found a talking raven, who attempted to persuade them to unchain it from its perch and let it go. Instead, Tiburron cast light on its eyes, after detecting that it was evil. Then it turned invisible, but the characters could still the light spell, and threw a bag over it. As the bag descended, Tihburron felt a sharp sting. Then he cast cause wounds on it, and the creature was destroyed in a burst of darkness.

They found some additional magic items in this room (oh, also need to mention the gold bars/rods!) – something in a small box, a metal flask, and a leather satchel. Examining the jars on the shelves, Annawen found some components necessary for identifying magic items. The party discussed what two items they wanted identified, and decided on two of the magic pools. (I & N)

Game log, Sept 8

Game Day 10, morning

Did Adderan & Franklin wander off?

“I’m trying to start my forest charity.”

The older monk bids the party farewell for now, as he has business elsewhere, and says he will return.

They go back to pool room. A few more ants left… 5 warrior ants – they kill 4, last one runs away. They decide to regroup and go back to area around 2/3.

Find secret door to 11. Look at 22, decide not to go in, walk thru 20. Open the armory, unlock one chest, the other via feat of strength.

Zelligar’s rooms: cleric detects wand, illusion. they get the wand.

Game notes, August 25

Game Day 9, approx 8am
J absent, character left at the dungeon. New players: Jason & Carlos.

1000xp ea of adding & rounding. (do spreadsheet later)

After the encounter with the ants, the party explored their former nest, an old barracks. At the same time, Oswald found a secret door and found a monk named Tetsuo, who had been at the Keep before its fall and was hiding out there. The party accepted him on their team and decided to go back to town, leaving Adderan and Franklin in Tetsuo’s former hideout.

As they came into town, they came upon Tetsumaru fighting — and defeating — his nemesis Turuko.

Meliman came down with a cough and shortness of breath, and then was cured by the clerics of Cuthbert. Khadmore made a deal with village elder (Roland) to pay for part of the new town wall (up to 1000gp) in exchange for getting his name on the wall. The party rented mules and hires teamster & pack handler, along with the militia assigned to Joan. Tetsuo hired a cook from the traders. Owald asked around about acquiring a squire.

In the morning they set out for Quasqueton, first stopping at the church of St Cuthbert to enquire about the remains of Jaskin, etc. Joan was loaned his +1 plate mail until such time as he could be brought back to life. Every member of the party was also given a potion of cure light wounds…except Khadmore, who made a really annoying quip and had his taken away.

But before they could get to the ruin, they were set upon by a pack of 11 ghouls. The undead were vanquished, but not before Tetsumaru took 6hp & was paralyzed for 3 rounds.

Game notes, August 11

Game Day 9 (abt 6am: sunrise?)

While recovering from fighting zombies, the party was attacked by rats. (DM note: Meliman has disease from one rat.)

They then continued exploring, discovering the room of pools. Ants swarmed out from another room, but Meliaman was able to calm them in order to examine the pools. The party then attacked the (72) ants and killed them, mostly with fire. see ants crawling out of the walls. (“franklin (the mimic) is adderan’s only friend”)

“What would their character do?”

We do end up sometimes having the party fill in for an absent player by running their character. So far, everybody’s been pretty good about keeping in character. (Sometimes to hilarious results.) However, it can be hard to decide what to do. Chad built this fun d26 table for tonight’s game, and I’ve edited it a little bit:

in absentia player-character reactions
2 -2 insulted, immediate quarrel, contrarian
3,4 -1 noticeably displeased
5,6,7,8,9 average participates in normal capacity
10,11 +1 favors or supports
12 +2 enthusiastic, leads the effort